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About the company

ITH Hostels is a network of hostels spread across California and Baja California, Mexico. With locations in popular tourist destinations like San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, ITH Hostels offers affordable accommodation options for travelers. Each hostel has a unique atmosphere and a range of amenities, from shared dorms to private rooms, and communal spaces like lounges and kitchens. The Baja California hostel, located in Ensenada, offers a beachfront location and a variety of outdoor activities like surfing and kayaking. ITH Hostels aims to provide a comfortable and social environment for travelers to connect with one another and explore the surrounding areas.

My work

During my two-month tenure as a content creator with this company, my primary responsibilities included creating and producing visual content, such as videos and photographs, to showcase the brand's products and services. I collaborated with the marketing team to identify the company's content needs and create a production plan that aligned with their marketing goals. I conducted on-location shoots, set up equipment, and directed talent to capture high-quality visuals that would resonate with the target audience. I also used video and photo editing software to refine and enhance the final products, ensuring they met the company's standards and brand guidelines. Through my work as a content creator, I helped to promote the company's offerings and engage with its customers in a creative and compelling way.

Some of the videos I made for ITH Hostels

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